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We can help you narrow your search to find the best franchise opportunities. Let us be your professional matchmaker, coach, and business advisor to minimize your risk and maximize your return. And best of all…there is no charge for our services.


Minimize Risks – Maximize Return

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available. We can help you narrow the field. We will look at your personality, skill sets, your personal and financial goals, and exit strategies and introduce you to franchises that will be a good fit for you. We will also help guide you through the research process of buying a franchise. And best of all…there is no charge for our services.

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1. We screen franchises for you by doing extensive due diligence so you don’t waste your time researching businesses that don’t validate
2. We evaluate you for franchisors by finding out about your personality type, values, skill sets, financial capability and interests
3. Our approach to making a franchise selection stresses education, research and finding the match that will make you want to get up and go to work everyday
4. Coach you through the research process so you get all the answers, and can make decisions based on facts, not just perceptions


Compensated by franchisors if and when a client buys a franchise; and you are not charged more for our involvement

Franchisors work through consultants because we find them the best potential franchisee candidates…business people like you who have a high chance of success

Anne Barr is experienced and knowledgeable about new and emerging franchises as well as the more mature ones

Anne may introduce you to a franchise concept you would never find on your own

Why not use a Franchise Consultant or Specialist? It will only cost you some time and expedite your efforts.

A Franchise Consultant or Specialist can also help you steer clear or work through common roadblocks such as Fear – Doubt – Worry. These are huge roadblocks to any major decision in life.

“They know what it takes for a buyer to secure financing, and assist in getting the required paperwork to the lender. If I ever decide to sell my business, I know where I am going for my broker.”

Wesley H

Franchise Buyer


At Franchise Opportunity Specialist, we can help you find the right franchise or existing business opportunity.  We’ll assist you in mapping out your business model, focus in on the right opportunity, avoid roadblocks, and navigate the process.

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