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Top Available Franchises

Explore some of the most popular types of franchise opportunities available in today’s marketplace.


Explore popular types of franchises and find the perfect fit for your situation.

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available. Here are some descriptions of just a few top franchise opportunities available.

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New and Emerging franchises are born practically every day…..some of them are real hits with much of the population.  These can be retail stores, services of all kinds, and many different home services.

Below are some descriptions of some of the most popular emerging and unique franchises.

Drug Testing Franchise
This professional and reliable company delivers fast results that are accurate and reliable for DNA, drug and alcohol testing. Contact me for specific requirements review.
Investment $50k to $100K

Bath Remodeling
Proprietary technologies. Over half the leads come from Franchisor managed sources.
Investment: $50K to $100K

Personal Property Liquidations
Services for people who are downsizing or for families who have lost a loved one. All types of personal property. Investment $25K to $50K

Specialized sports program for children ages 1 year to 12 years. Fundamentals of several sports are taught – several revenue streams.
Investment: $50K to $100K

Musical Equipment
This franchise is in an $8 billion industry. Customers can purchase high quality, gently used equipment – but also sell equipment they no longer use.

Discount Store
This Franchise sells discounted products of all kinds – bedding, furniture, small appliances, pet products, clothing and housewares – to name a few.
Investment $50K to $100K

Note: The investment ranges mentioned may not include working capital.


Many franchises have been developed around the Baby-Boomer generation and their needs as they retire and age. Most have to do with care of seniors in their own home or finding the right Assisted Living spot.  In addition, there are several other franchises that provide a service to the senior.  Below is a description of a few of our favorites.

Senior Care
Home care provided to seniors, disabled adults and accident victims. Wide variety of services performed by qualified and experienced care-givers who have passed extensive background checks, are insured and bonded and trained in CPR.
Investment:  $68K to $135K

Senior Services
This franchise specializes in transitions services for seniors and baby-boomers.  Services with downsizing, services to divorced individuals, clients enduring a recent death, and more.
Investment:  $50K to $80K

Placement Services
This franchise offer placement assistance for seniors. High profit, low investment, low overhead in senior care market without hiring care-givers. Operates more like a referral service.  Investment:  $65K to $85K

Home Care
Although this franchise only began offering franchises in 2016, its founders and corporate executives are very experienced and have been in the industry for many years. This is a ground floor opportunity, scalable model and a viable business in the in-home care vs. institutional setting.  Adults age 85+ represent the Fastest Growing segment of U.S. Population.
Investment: $50K plus working capital.


This category covers a variety of different services for the home owner.  Many people will use a service to accommodate various needs rather than try to do it themselves.  Hence the growth of franchises in the home services market.

Remodeling Franchise
This professional franchise focuses on certain areas of the home that need remodeling the most often. The franchise has experienced astounding growth in unit store sales.
Investment:  $275K+

Targeted Cleaning
This franchise provides services to the residential and commercial customer in power washing, gutter cleaning, window tinting and window cleaning. Outstanding customer service provided by trained and professional technicians. Multiple revenue streams. Investment: $110K

Mobile Repair Home Improvement
This franchise is home based and offers 80% profit margins. Mobile repair in both the residential and commercial offering specials products such as safety doors, solar shading and all types of screens –Investment: $85K to $121K

Custom Storage Solutions
This franchise focus is helping home and business owners to become more organized by designing and installing custom storage solutions for garages, closets, pantries and much more.
Investment: $158K -$298k

Residential Cleaning
There are several in this category. This is a lifestyle business that typically operates from M-F only. Residential cleaning is a $4 billion market. Owner is responsible for executive level management –scalable business.
Investment: $50k – $150k


In the last few years, many franchises have focused their products or services on children – from infants to teens.

Below are a few selections that are currently popular in today’s market:

Unique Retail
This franchise is designed to meet the needs of parents and families looking for gently used, high quality infant and children’s clothing, shoes, toys, books, equipment and accessories at sensible prices.
Investment is over $250K.

This franchise offers Art classes, camps, parties and special art events to a specific community or area through a mobile art program.
Investment is $50K to $100K.

Swim Instruction
This franchise has an outstanding business model.  A gentle, fun program ranks in the top for parent preference. Low overhead means great bottom line profit.
Investment:  $100K to $200K

There are several franchises in this category.  Most are brick and mortar and the student goes to the facility for tutoring in math, science, language and more. SAT/ACT prep and other test prep typically offered.   A few of these franchises go to the student with certified educators.
Investment ranges from $50K to $250K+


This category covers all kinds of services – this could include everything from automotive, health & beauty, management & training, financial services and much more…..below are a few of the standouts.

Automotive Repair/Restoration
This is the leader in its field – a green company with recession resistant model.  Multiple revenue streams, low overhead, high profit in a unique underserved market.
Investment:  $80K to $100K

This franchise places professionals with a variety of skill levels. Multiple revenue streams.  2.5 million people are employed by staffing companies every business day!!!
Investment:  $250K to $400k

Auto Related Franchise
This franchise operates in the $250 billion dollar auto services industry.  Must be very well capitalized for this opportunity.
$500k….Potential Franchisee must have seven figure net worth; financing through franchisor.

Transportation/Delivery Related
This franchise services small to mid-size businesses that larger carriers like FedEx and UPS cannot provide…..Low overhead.
Investment: $80k to $170K

Hair Care Industry
Hot category that provides a VERY particular service. Locations see strong year over year growth. Franchisees would be responsible for scheduling, inventory management, staff recruitment and training, working with corporate on marketing initiatives, ensuring quality of service delivery.
Investment: $160k – $281K


The Food category offered the first franchise in the late 1950’s.  McDonald’s.
Since then, there have been multitudes of franchises offering almost any kind of food imaginable.

There are many franchise concepts in the Food & Beverage category.  Below are some newer opportunities in the market.

This is Italy at its BEST!!  Pizza, Pasta, Panini’s Franchise offered by a family of Italian artisans. Italian street food specialties offered via take away, delivery , catering and mobile solutions.
Investment:  $145K to $320K

Sweets Café
Sweet Italian classical snacks, bakery desserts, genuine gelato, Expresso, Cappuccino beverages all hand-crafted right in front of you. Gourmet gelato rolls in under two minutes.
Investment:  $98K to $180K

Yogurt Shop
This Franchise was founded by a lady who left a 20 year career to create a company that could stand out in the industry.  Kid oriented with bright, fun and playful color palette.  Free, clean play area for kids and comfy seating for parents.
Investment:  $350K – $572K

Lunch Delivery/Catering
Lifestyle business – M-F that closes by mid-afternoon.
Professionally prepared hot and cold catering to businesses and corporations. Low overhead – clean kitchen (no fryers/grease traps/vent-a-hoods)


  • Advertising Franchise
  • Auto Franchises
  • Auto Parts Franchise
  • Beauty Salon Franchise
  • Bed and Breakfast Franchise
  • Café Franchise
  • Campground Franchise
  • Car Wash Franchise
  • Card Shop Franchise
  • Catering Franchise
  • Carpet Cleaning Franchise
  • Cell Phone Franchise
  • Check Cashing Franchise
  • Chicken Franchise
  • Child Care Services
  • Chinese Restaurant Franchise
  • Chiropractor Franchise
  • Commercial Cleaning Franchise
  • Computer Repair Franchise
  • Consulting Franchise
  • Construction Franchise
  • Contractor Franchise
  • Convenience Store Franchise
  • Distribution Franchise
  • Dollar Store Franchise
  • Dry Cleaning Franchise
  • Education Franchise
  • Electrician Franchise
  • Fast Food Franchise
  • Fitness and Sports Franchises
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Gas Station Franchise
  • Gift Shop Franchise
  • Golf Franchise
  • Grocery Store Franchise
  • Gym Franchise
  • Hair Salon Franchise
  • Handyman Franchise
  • Home Improvement Franchise
  • Home Inspection Franchise
  • Home Services Franchises
  • House Cleaning Franchise
  • Internet Business Franchise
  • ISP and Hosting Franchise
  • Jewelry Store Franchise
  • Laundromat Franchise
  • Maid Service Franchise
  • Medical Franchises
  • Miscellaneous Franchises
  • Motorcycle Dealership Franchise
  • Pet Franchises
  • Pet Store Franchise
  • Plumbing Franchise
  • Preschool Franchise
  • Printing Franchise
  • Pool Service Franchise
  • Professional Services
  • Recreation, Hobbies, and Travel Franchises
  • Retail Franchises
  • Real Estate Franchise
  • Sales Franchise
  • Shipping Franchise
  • Spa Franchise
  • Sporting Good Franchise
  • Staffing Franchise
  • Sub Shop Franchise
  • Tax Franchise
  • Tanning Salon Franchise
  • Transmission Repair Franchise
  • Travel Agency Franchise
  • Tuxedo Rental Franchise
  • Weight Loss Franchise
  • Window Repair Franchise
  • Vending Machine Franchise

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Keep in mind each of the categories above has many opportunities; we are describing only one opportunity per category.

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